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Undefeated Warrior the Anthony M Lanier II Foundation, Inc. provides support to community-based organizations to promote education, good health, and the development of character, social skills and values that will empower youth in the Savannah Community to recognize and reach their full potential. Undefeated Warrior the AML2F is dedicated to its vision of being a voice for the underdog and the overlooked in the Savannah-Chatham County, Georgia area.

Undefeated Warrior the AML2F was created as a means for Anthony M. Lanier II to give back to communities in his home town, Savannah, Georgia that are underserved and support initiatives created to provide for local youth. Mr. Anthony M. Lanier II is the founder of Undefeated Warrior the Anthony M Lanier II Foundation (Undefeated Warrior the AML2F). His emphasis on community involvement includes a focus on good character, determination, sportsmanship, team work and an outstanding work ethic.  Mr. Lanier is one who illustrates the epitome of hard work and how it pays off.


To provide support to community-based organizations in order to help assist the city’s youth to develop character, determination, and the will to develop into positive citizens contributing to the Savannah Community, the nation, and the world.

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